simple – elegant – precious


A kiSS to remember: it is worn everyday, in every way: jewelry representing precious moments in your life.

It moves freely across your body; from your hands and wrist to your neck and ears. A unique ability to change its look: a necklace one day that transforms to a bracelet then is worn as earrings …..the reason many choose a kiSS. Contemporary in nature, and transformable by design, a kiSS is authentic, made from 14kt gold with your symbolic, genuine precious or semi-precious stone.

a kiss for special relationships

join a kiSS with another kiSS to personify special relationships in your life:

mother & daughter | husband & wife | couples

Start with your very own kiSS – your birthstone. Add another kiSS for your mother, daughter, son, husband, father.

give a kiss


get a kiss


share a kiss


wear a kis


a kiSS for all occasions

Couple a kiSS with a kiSS for a special moment and a lasting memory for events in your life:

brides to bridesmaids

Represent your wedding month with a kiSS then add a kiSS for the bridesmaid’s birth month. A symbol of infinity is created as a lasting memory of your special day.

A kiSS was named so because of its unique connection that creates an “x” when joined with another kiSS. The union of these two pieces only happens through a kiSS, and so a connection through a kiSS begins.

Create your kiSS, today.