dayana jewelry


When engineering embraces creativity innovation is born and a new collection emerges:  daYana Jewelry. Modern glamour for lovers of precious metals: silver, gold & platinum.
Founded in Miami in 2014, daYana Jewelry is a woman owned business with a unique design: ready to wear | ready to change. The simplicity of the signature piece – kiSS –creates endless possibilities for wear:
….an elegant necklace transforms to a beautiful bracelet
….simple earrings worn in the day take on an evening look with longer chains
You create your own look; it is contemporary, it is timeless, it is elegant and it is precious. The jewelry has meaning embedded in every piece with genuine birthstones for your birth month or a special occasion. Collections for every look: classichic for every day, modernista for evening and trendsetter for an edgier style.


Why buy from daYana?
You Love the Design – You Support Innovation – US Made Is Important To You – You Want a Lifelong Memory – You Believe in Education, Hard Work and Perseverance – You are an Early Adopter.


You Love The Design
The idea of a transformable piece of jewelry is exactly what you have been searching for….and when it is coupled with a contemporary design – you know it is made just for you.  The pieces are designed for you to create your unique high fashion look.  For more information about the designs, click here.


You Support Innovation
Every purchase of daYana Jewelry is a statement that you support innovative ideas and understand that with your support more product will make its way to the marketplace.


US Made Is Important To You
Every purchase of daYana Classichic, Modernista and Trendsetter are made in New York City.


You Want A Life Long Product
Using the best materials to produce high quality products made in New York and designed in Miami. Our jewelers have over 35 years of experience – creating handcrafted pieces to last a lifetime.  Our specialty is fine jewelry, our passion is beauty. With an eye for detail, we are meticulous about the look of every piece and it shows through the detail and preciseness of the design.
We believe in our products. All jewelry is covered by a 2 year warranty. Just follow the instructions for warranty at time of purchase and we will repair or replace any defects to your jewelry that occur as a result of dayana craftsmanship.


You Believe In Education, Hard Work & Perseverance
You believe that your education, your hard work and your perseverance will make a positive contribution to society and you support companies that embody these values to create the best products. At daYana Jewelry, we believe an education is the start, and that with hard work and perseverance, you will accomplish your goals.


You Are An Early Adopter
You are the trendsetter. You want to be the first to wear something new. You have an opinion and share it: with a company, with your friends, with everyone because you love new. You are always pushing forward.


Concept daYana
Select designs are listed as Concept because they are the first in series…..a piece created prior to the final design. Concept pieces differ from final daYana pieces in the following manner:

  • Design sizes are different
  • Base material is metal or silver, then plated with silver or gold
  • Stones are man-made
  • Priced lower than the final design due to base material & man-made stone
  • Limited quantity: up to 100 pieces created
  • Branding may or may not be on the piece
  • Limited warranty of 6 months

The concept piece is great for those that love design, and want to be the first to wear something new and trendy. If you are interested in daYana Concept, be sure to sign up to our newsletter by registering.